What is pizza? Why is it a popular food item? Lorentto Pizza at Bondi Anyone?

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The general public opinion is that, pizza is a flat piece of bread, on which toppings are made with chicken, herbs, vegetables, and also other items which are used for garnishing. This is true, but the exact amount of heat, the perfect combination of spices, the flavor of sauce, and the accurate time taken for grilling and baking pizza are also important factors which contribute a lot in the making of pizza. Although pizza was first invented in the Neapolitan province of Italy, it has become so excessively popular in all the countries of the world. Just try Lorentto WoodFired Pizza on Bondi Road, NSW Sydney.  It would be an act of foolishness to say that pizza is just an Italian delicacy.

The naming and making of pizza

Pizza was initially named after Queen Margherita, who visited Italy, and she was delighted to eat a flat bread base with tomato sauce, Mozzarella cheese, and basil leaves. But in the present time, we are fond of so many types of pizzas, like the following:

• Pan-fried pizza made of black and green olives and Parmesan cheese.
• Rolled pizza with tomato and cherry topping, or topping made by using multiple fruits.
• Pizza roll-ons dipped into honey and maple syrup.
• Tomato, corn, chicken and stuffed capsicum pizza.
• The Buffalo style pizza.

What are the various innovative toppings for pizza?

There can be various toppings for pizza. Many of them are already available in recipe books, and many are a result of careful experimentation. These can include:
• Grated olives and fried or caramelized onion rings.
• Chicken sausage, ham or bacon.
• Pineapple and cherry tomatoes.
• Spinach, broccoli and button mushrooms.
• Herbs and fish.
Therefore when you try to order for that extra cheese as a pizza topping, do not forget to order the above toppings also. It will make your pizza tastier and juicier.


Pizza: the favorite food of the new generation

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It is really indubitable that pizza is one of the most favorite foods of the new generation. We still have our parents rhapsodizing about the old vegan recipes of bread and butter, the sticky combination of milk, fruits and oats, or the black coffees which they drank in Victorian restaurants.

When they did not know about pizza, they wished to have it. When they partially knew about it, they only knew that pizza means an Italian food, and now, at present, when they really know how pizza has become famous in different countries, they are ready to experiment, they are ready to taste it, and they have also become fond of pizzas.

Varieties of pizza in different countries and regions of the world:

Pizza variety differs a lot in different countries and regions. It had its origin in Italy, and now it has also undergone extensive experimentation in that country only. Generally Italians use buffalo milk to make the mozzarella cheese for their pizza toppings, and they also put lots of ripe tomatoes, or small cherry tomatoes as a topping on the pizza.
There is a special variety of Sicilian pizza available in Italy, and this pizza is notable for having a deep or a thick crust or pizza base. But not just in Italy, pizza is now available in all the major parts of the world, and even in remote districts of different countries, and also in suburban areas, and not just I metropolitan cities. The whole idea is to have an appetizer, a snack which can satisfy hunger within a short period of time. For that, pizza has no replacement, perhaps.

Similar dishes which are just like pizza, but they are not pizza:

Pizza is not just available in Italy, but variations of pizza are also available in different countries. For instance, in Germany, a type of tart is available. It contains fried onion, and bacon, and it is just like pizza.
In Turkey, a bread crust is made. It is thin, and boiled vegetable or chicken pieces are used for the topping.
In many of the American countries, pizza is made by using a flat and thick flour base, and including garlic, Parmesan cheese, refined butter or bacon and ham.
There are different kinds of toppings which can be used to garnish pizza. Date palm, honey, cheese, bell-pepper, minced forms of chicken, mutton and fish, cauliflower and other vegetables, nuts, herbs, yogurt, mushrooms and fruits can be used for toppings.
So what are you waiting for? Start experimenting with the new recipe for your favorite pizza.


Delicious, smoking hot, and pan-fried- your pizza is ready to be served!

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With all those pizza company leaflets lying all around your room, it must have been very difficult for you to choose the best and the tastiest pizza. In fact, this is a common problem with all pizza-lovers, as they get really confused about which pizza to order, as most of the pizzas are extremely delicious.

Is it just a piece of bread?

More than just a flat piece of bread with tomato sauce, and vegetable or chicken toppings, the pizza has become on of the most popular food items in recent times. It is often called fast food, and doctors say that it contains ingredients which may not be completely good for health, but it is also true that pizza contains vegetables, and chicken or cottage cheese, so it is a source of essential nutrients also.

Ordering pizza online and offline

Pizza can be ordered as a party menu in food joints and restaurants, as it is a very popular food item to the young generation and the children, and pizza can also be ordered online through food portals, and these portals deliver good quality pizzas within time.
So, now if you are in the mood for some summer fun, then you can always order for your favorite vegetable or chicken pizza.


Smooth, spicy and delicious- that is the best part about pizzas

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If I ask one simple question to all of you, I know the answer will be unanimous. What is so special about pizza? The answer will be that it is smooth, spicy, delicious, and it can be eaten in breakfast, lunch and dinner. Apart from that, if I ask you another question that how pizza can be made to taste better? Then also, the unanimous answer will be the same. You will say that it can be made tastier by adding more toppings.

These questions are silly, but the answers are real, and the opinions are almost the same for a twelve year old boy, or a college student, or a housewife, or a professional person, or even a very serious professor. The common fact is that, all of them like the spicy tomato ketchup blend, along with vegetable or chicken toppings on the flat bread which is called pizza.

Online and offline restaurants which sell pizza:

There are many food joints and restaurants which are special only because they sell different types of pizzas. From small and medium sized deep fried, baked, spicy-flavored and continental type of pizzas, to large size pan pizzas or double-decker pizzas made in baking ovens, or brick charcoals. It is true that as days are passing, we find that many innovative flavors, spices and toppings are used to make a pizza tastier and juicier.

Usually, the following steps are required in the preparation of any normal pizza:
• In the historical period, and in ancient Greece, the common people used to spread herbs, oil, and various types of cheese on their breads. Pizza is also made by taking a flat round bread or flour base first.
• It is baked in ovens or grilled into charcoal fire places, and then the main item which is the best part of pizza, is its topping. Fat layer of toppings can include minced chicken, grilled fish pieces, grated and minced mutton, fruits, nuts, herbs, different kinds of cheese, and honey, and also vegetables, and mushrooms. Black and green olives and cheese in various tasters are considered to be great pizza toppings.
• Finally, tomato ketchup or herbs are used to make an additional final topping on the flat base of the pizza.

Food value and the consumption parameters: pizza bread should be fresh and fluffy

Nowadays, readymade pizza breads are available in all the departmental stores. You just have to prepare the pizza with all the toppings of your choice. This is really good, and a cool method to avoid the junk foods from hotels and eateries outside. Home-made pizza can also be very good for your health, as you make it all by yourself.

Whereas traditional methods of making pizza almost combined the dough with the tomato ketchup, and the yeast also developed fungus after a long period of storage, the modern day pizza is made in such a way that the pizza bread or the crust can be re-heated, and it does not become brittle also. However there are some take-away pizzas available in some of the food joints. These restaurants provide raw materials for making delicious pizzas, and you can use them to make a pizza for your friend or your loved ones in the family.

Health matters: is pizza good or bad for your health?

It can never be said that all foods are either totally good or entirely bad for your health. Pizza is thought to be a source of high calories, salts, and unsaturated fats. But if they are consumed at moderate levels, there is no harm. Pizzas also contain vegetables, nuts, fruits, honey and animal proteins, which provide many essential nutrients to our body.
So, you can eat pizzas once or twice a week.